To Harvard students with literary ambitions English 5 has for years been regarded as the one course which had to be taken to put the last formal touches to their native genius. After the shock occasioned by the announcement of Dean Briggs' forthcoming departure had given way to feelings of confirmed tragedy, embryonic literati who had hoped to take this advanced course in English composition began to murmur: "What is to become of us? Is English 5 to be no more?"

The announcement on the first page of this issue will calm all anxiety. English 5 is to be continued, and conducted by the one man most capable to succeed Dean Briggs. It is, of course, nonsense to talk of Professor Copeland replacing Dean Briggs, just as it would be absurd to think of anyone replacing "Copey". Great men are never replaced. But a happy providence sometimes makes it possible that they succeed each other, and that providence has watched over English 5.

Many there are who will deplore the announcement that English 12 is to be discontinued, for this course can rightfully dispute honors with any in the catalogue as a Harvard institution. These men, however, must take comfort in the thought that they can still have "Copey" in English--that is, if they can get admitted.