Phillips Brooks House has seldom before appeared in quite so progressive a light as in its liberal attempt to revitalize its Social Service Department. Realizing that in the criticism that lately has been passed on it, there lay some kind of truth, the members of the committee have started to rebuild their system completely. The fundamental suggestions have already been made in last Friday's conference with the heads of the various settlement houses in Boston. Pervious to that conference, only one side of the matter had been discussed, and that was the side pertaining to the student worker himself. The effect that he produced on the settlement house heads, equally important to a reorganization of the entire system, had not been touched upon.

Through the cooperation of the professional social workers who spoke at that meeting, a quantity of expert advice, invaluable to a proper understanding of the situation, was added to the accumulated mass of student suggestions. The committee from this gathering of authoritative opinion will have less difficulty in formulating concrete plans for next season's work.