"The selection of a field of concentration is far more important for the average undergraduate in Harvard College today than it was a few years ago," said Assistant Dean E. A. Whitney '17, in a statement made yesterday concerning the immediate obligation of every Freshman to attend to the completion of his plan of study. All study plans must be turned in at University 2a before Saturday, May 9.

Field May Be Changed Later

"This does not in the least mean that a selection made now is rigidly binding or that it may not be changed. It may be changed at any time when it is still possible for a student to fulfill the requirements in the new department to which he elects to go. The important thing, however, is to make men consider these questions as early as possible; to give them the opportunity for discussion and advice with various members of the faculty about it; and, in the last analysis, to give them a basis for any future change that they may wish to make,--i. e., to give them something to change from.

Should Not Wait Until Last Moment

"This is, in brief, the reason why Freshmen are asked to hand in, their choices early in May of each year. The danger always is that they will wait until the last moment before consulting their advisers and the Department representatives appointed for this purpose. This means that instead of a real discussion, they will have only the hastiest and most perfunctory interview which can mean very little more to them than the application of a rubber stamp. It is vitally important to consult the various members of the Faculty who are available as early as possible in order that there may be time enough for everyone to have really careful consideration."

Before Saturday every Freshman is required to consult one of the representatives of the field of concentration which he elects. To this member of the committee on the choice of electives the Freshman will submit his plan of study. The member of the committee will consider the courses with him and must approve his choice before the student is ready to ask his adviser's permission on his plan of study for 1926. A plan of study for the first half of 1926 must then be submitted to the adviser. All cards must then be handed in at 2A University Hall.

While it will be possible to change many courses next fall, there are several in which no changes may be made after this year. Students are especially advised to apply this spring for entrance to English 41 and to Biology 1, which will be closed before the end of this college year.