Prominent Graduates to Talk at Series of Gatherings for Class of 1929 During Next Fall

The committee in charge of the Freshman Monday night meetings to be held next fall during October, November and December has announced the speakers who have been secured to talk to the class of 1929 at the series of gatherings.

The meetings are intended to acquaint the incoming class with the various aspects of college life. Each year a different general subject for the entire series is chosen, and this year it will be "What Should a Man Get out of College?"

The speakers and their subjects will be as follows:

Oct. 5, Professor G. H. Chase '96, "Transition from School to College"; Oct. 19, Professor K. F. Mather, "A Trained Intellect"; Oct. 26, Professor R. B. Berry '97, "Our Social Inheritance"; Nov. 2, Bishop C. L. Slattery '91, "Ways of Reaching a Decision on a Life Work", Nov. 9, Dean C. R. Brown '94, Yale University, "College Life"; Nov. 16, Rev. H. K. Sherrill G. '12, Trinity Church. Boston, "Our Religious Inheritance", Nov. 23, Dean W. L. Sperry '18, "The Ability to Think for Oneself". Nov. 30, Dr. T. G. Soares, University of Chicago, "Social Experience"; Dec. 7, Professor Julian L. Coolidge '95. "The View from Above"; Dec. 14, Bishop William Lawrence '71, "Harvard College in 1870 and 1920".