The news that five thousand Zulus danced themselves into a frenzy over the Prince of Wales will not surprise the American public, for headlines and rotogravures and little private tales have long since generalized the popular association of "dancing", "frenzy", and "prince". In spite of the rumor that the Prince's visit to America was just another publicity attempt of the Fox-Trot Association, the newspapers spread the reports of his fad for dancing through the world, with the result that his loyal subjects in South Africa decided that his visit could be fittingly celebrated only by examples of the closest approximations to his favorite sport. And since the heads of the Zulu tribes, less foolhardy than the Duncan sisters, did not dare risk their little Evas, they nobly substituted themselves. At least some such explanation must surely suggest itself to those damsels who are still thrilling from the tread of the royal toes.