Dr. G. A. Reisner '89, Professor of Egyptology and Director of the Harvard-Boston Expedition in Egypt, will sail on June 13 to London on his way to resume his work.

Dr. Reisner, who will leave from New York on the S. S. Albania, expects to arrive in Egypt early in July. No plans have yet been made for resuming work on the intact tomb of the Sneferuw period discovered at Giza by the expedition last March and no decision can be reached until Dr. Reisner has arrived at the Harvard Camp at the Pyramids.

Mr. Alan Rowe, who has been in charge of the work at Giza during the absence of Dr. Reisner, has accepted a position with the Eckly B. Coxe Jr. expedition of the University Museum of Philadelphia and expects to take charge of their work at Bersan, Palestine, about August 1. Mr. R. D. Greenlees will take Mr. Rowe's place at Giza.