Corporation Votes Foundation of Unified Athletic Control

Will Be Member of Faculty--To Control Physical Department as Well as Sports

For the first time in the history of the University athletic system, every branch of sport and all departments of physical education will be gathered under one head. The Corporation announced last night the establishment of a Directorship of Athletics which will begin to function as soon as a suitable man can be obtained.

The new head of athletics will be a member of the Faculty and will also be chairman of the Committee on the Regulation of Athletic Sports. It is expected that as head of all athletics, the departments of hygiene and physical education will come under his direction. Until the present time these branches of the athletic system have been loosely connected with the Athletic Association, and have had no definite status.

Successful Elsewhere

The creation of a directorship, has been found to be generally successful in a number of institutions which have adopted the plan within recent years, and will separate the problems of business and policy which confront the Athletic Association. It will also establish a closer relation between the faculty and the Athletic Committee. Under the present system the faculty members of the Athletic Committee are able to devote only a small portion of their time to athletic questions. The primary work of the new director will be the administration of athletic affairs.

Voted by Corporation

The vote of the President and Fellows, who compose the corporation of Harvard College, is as follows: "To establish the office of a Director of Athletics, who shall be chairman of the Committee on the Regulation of Athletic Sports in addition to its present number, and who shall as such become a member of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences."

Major F. W. Moore '93, who as graduate treasurer of the H. A. A., has carried on the business of the organization, as well as much of the work of administration, including attendance at faculty meetings and national conferences, will be relieved of many of the latter duties.

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