Current Attractions

Colonial--"Stella Dallas", a motion picture, at 8.15.

Hollis--"The Poor Nut", with Elliot Nugent, at 8.20.

Wilbur--"Is Zat So?" at 8.00

Copley--"The Sport of Kings", at 8.20.

Repertory--"Captain Brassbound's Conversion" at 8.10.

Tremont--"No, No, Nanette" with Tulia Sanderson and Donald Brian, at 8.00.

Castle Square--"Abie's Irish Rose", at 8.15.

Majestic--"The Big Parade", a motion picture with John Gilbert and Renee Adoree, at 8.15.

Shubert--"Earl Carroll's Vanities," at 8.00.

Plymouth--"White Collars", at 8.15.

New Park--"The Matinee Girl", at

Opera House--Chicago Opera Season at 8.00.

Today--"Andrea Chenier."

Tomorrow--"Di Walkuere."