Results This Afternoon Will Determine Members of Regular Team

With the first intercollegiate match of the year with Bowdoin College on February 13, still over a month away the University fencing team will hold the first trials of the season today at 2.30 o'clock, when all the members of the squad will engage in a round robin tournament to determine the squad which will open the season.

The Crimson fencers have been practicing regularly every day since the Christmas recess under the tutelage of Coach Danguy. Last year the squad was only under the instruction of a coach three days a week in the early season, and the additional work this winter is expected to greatly increase the chances for a successful year. Between ten and 15 men have been working with the foils each day. The Freshman squad includes another eight fencers.

Captain A. G. Carillo '26, Howard Finney Jr. '26, and Manager A. R. Allen '26 are the veterans back from last year's squad. Among the new men, F. Y. St. Clair '26, A. C. Lane '27 and R. P. Outerbridge '28 are among the most promising candidates.