Bond Astronomical Club Sponsors Educational Talks

There will begin on October 18 a series of six open nights at the University Observatory, held under the auspices of the Bond Astronomical Club. The program will include a short, non-technical talk followed by telescopic observations, weather permitting. Members of the club will explain exhibits which demonstrate the work of the observatory.

Tickets for these open nights must be procured in advance by sending a stamped envelope to "Open Night", 9 Vincent Street, Cambridge. Applicants must state for what night they desire tickets, as the number of tickets available for each night is limited and applicants will be assigned tickets for only one night. There is no charge for admission.

The lectures will begin promptly at 7.45 o'clock, a schedule of the dates and subjects follows:

October 18--"The Sumatra Eclipse of 1926," Professor H. T. Stetson.

October 20--"Planetary and Stellar Systems," Miss A. C. Maury.

October 25--"Astronomy in the Southern Hemisphere," Professor S. I. Bailey '88.

October 27--"The Nebulae," Professor J. C. Duncan of Whittin Observatory.

November 1--"Astronomical Photography," Professor E. S. King.

November 3--"The Problems of Star Clouds," Professor Harley Shapley.