On being interviewed in regard to the joint statement issued from New Haven today about the Harvard-Princeton football game in 1927, Mr. W. J. Bingham, Director of Athletics at Harvard, said that the words in this statement "no change in the essential athletic relations" meant no change in the rules of eligibility, but that the question of future games was left open. "The athletic relations between Princeton and Harvard are excellent and I am confident that nothing will arise to disturb the amicability of this relationship." "There never has been any suggestion on the part of Harvard of discontinuing athletic contests with Princeton. Some months ago, with the approval of our Committee on the Regulation of Athletic Sports, I inquired of the Chairman of the Princeton Board of Control as to Princeton's probable attitude towards a suspension of the football games for the next two years to enable us to play a home-and-home game with the University of Michigan. This request was made because our faculty regulation, made last year, prevents more than one football game to be played away from Cambridge each year"