The Lord Bishop of London, the Right Reverend Arthur Foley Winning-ton-Ingram, famed for his youthful outlook and sympathy with undergraduate sentiments, will speak at Appleton Chapel on October 17.

The Bishop will make a tour of the leading colleges and Universities of the United States. He is coming to this country after a trip through Canada, where he has visited the prominent educational institutions.

Although the Bishop is 68 years old, his thoughts and actions are those of a young man. He deserves above all to get into personal touch with the students of the universities, and when he accepted the invitation to address members of American Colleges he stated:

"If I am to speak at the colleges during the week, give me only one Sunday sermon. I clearly understood that the main object of my visit was to speak to the young men of the universities, and to have time to see some of them personally. You might also arrange for me to play tennis or squash racquets or golf with some of them, as I am still playing these games pretty well."

Dr. Ingram, during twenty-five years of office, has had a strong influence on the students of Oxford and Cambridge, where the informality of his talks and his genius in understanding the youthful viewpoint have won him a reputation for wisdom and sympathy.

The liberality of Dr. Ingram's viewpoint on theological questions was evident at Toronto a few weeks ago, when he said: "God bless all these scientific men. There is no contradiction between science and religion. You can not discover too much, because no truth can contradict another truth."

Before leaving London for his tour the Bishop startled London by offering to rent Fulham Palace, his official residence to anyone who would pay the rates and the servants wages while be was away.