The University and Freshman crosscountry teams will go into action against Holy Cross this afternoon in the first meet of the season. Only four experienced barriers will be on the University line-up today to maintain the high standard left by last year's Intercollegiate champions. Coach Jakko Mikkola expects the Holy Cross meet to be the hardest opening assignment scheduled for several seasons.

Four Veterans Back

Captain E. C. Haggerty '27, L. J. Novagrad '27, Edward Gordon '27, and H. W. Kullman '27 are the only runners who last fall started against Yale. Several members of last year's Freshman squad that defeated the Blue first-year men have been available, however, to fill the gaps left by graduation. Leslie Flaksman '29, J. L. Reid '29, and A. S. Woodworth '29 will start with veteran distance men tomorrow.

The Holy Cross first-year men are reputed to be especialy strong and will afford a stern baptism for the Crimson Freshmen. The race will start near the south end of the Anderson Bridge at 3.30 o'clock today. The 1930 men will cover only a three and a half mile course while the University team will run the full five mile distance along the Charles River, ending opposite the University boathouse.

The following men will start on the University line-up: Captain E. C. Haggerty '27, E. B. Boyce '27, Leslie Flaksman '29, Edward Gordon '27, H. M. Kullman '27, T. L. Mayhew '27, L. J. Novagrad '27, J. L. Reid '29, B. D. Thomas '28, A. S. Woodworth '29. The substitutes will be R. T. Dunn '28, and W. B. Stebbins '27.