University and Freshmen Win, As Second Soccer Team Loses

Showing a decided reversal of its previous erratic form, the University soccer team defeated the Williams booters by a 5 to 0 count at Soldiers Field Saturday afternoon.

The Crimson kickers effectively throttled the scoring attempts of the visitors, while staging a strong coordinated attack of their own that netted them two goals in the first half and three in the second.

Passing Well-Timed

Danielian and Trevvett each scored from scrimmage in the opening session, and Captain Gherardi and Trevvett accounted for the University points in the second half. The Crimson passing was well-timed and accurate, and the kicks for goal proved too much for the Williams defense to handle.

The Freshman soccer outfit outplayed and outscored the Worcester Academy team by 2 to 0. Captain Vogel of the Freshman played a keenly aggressive game and scored one of his team's two points. Lyman, Vogel's companion in the forward line, was responsible for the other counter.

Worcester Plainly Outclassed

The 1930, team outclassed its less-experienced opponents, who were unable to get started on an effective offense. The Freshman goals were evenly divided between the two halves, but the aggressive was maintained throughout the game in such a manner that the schoolboys were kept on the defense the greater part of the time.

The only one of the three soccer teams to lose was the University Seconds, which went down to defeat before the Four Rivers Juniors, a metropolitan football club, by a 3 to 1 score. The club players were too experienced for the Crimson booters, and their play showed greater finish and desisiveness. The visitors' forward line functioned particularly well, and kept the second team defense on the run. Bell and Mitchelson piereed this defense for scores, the former counting twice. Arnold, aggressive center of the Crimson outfit, sent the sphere between the posts for his team's lone score