Although whatever fame he has attained is due to the modern demand for tabulated materialism, Roger W. Babson statistical expert, does not hesitate to condemn the increasing prostitution of school and church by the mechanics of commercial success. "The educational institutions of the country have gone materially mad and our churches are equally guilty," is the dictum of the mathematical prophet. And by educational institutions he means both the elementary schools and the universities. "Our colleges are diploma factories for department stores, giving away anything wanted, irrespective of whether it makes for happiness or discontent." The old problem of serving God and Mammon has taken on a new meaning for Mammon has developed an efficient, complex.

Mr. Babson speaks, as always, on the basis of sound and undeniable facts. It his position he is faced daily with the reality that materialism is on the way to becoming a Frankenstein, devouring its own products anti destroying its newly created benefits. Left to its own sphere commercialism, which is merely a scornful name for business sagacity, is a genuine contribution to the progress of man; to prove it one has only to compare office methods of today with those of a quarter of a century ago. But commercialism ceases to be a blessing when it enters other fields besides its own; art, religion, education; in short, the general tenor of life, should be closed to its influence. Someone--either Mr. Potash or Mr. Perlmutter--once said that the golden rule was "business before pleasure". The aphorism could be expanded to "business before, perhaps after, but certainly not with, pleasure," he dollar kings should have the grace to leave their financial acumen outside of the church, the schoolhouse, the theatre, and the drawing room.