Former Dean of the Divinity School Conducts Services--Crothers, Cole and Emerton Will Assist

At 11 o'clock Sunday morning, a memorial service for the late President Emeritus Charles William Eliot '53 will be held in the First Parish Church, Unitarian, of Cambridge.

The occasion of the memorial service will be "layman's Sunday" in the Unitarian denomination, when the Unitarian Laymen's League takes charge of the church services all over the country. On Sunday, Rev. F. G. Peabody '69, former dean of the Divinity School and a brother-in-law of President Eliot, and Rev. S. M. Crothers '99, will conduct the seryices, assisted by Professor Ephraim Emerton '71 and Professor W. N. Cole '90, Dr. Peabody will preach on "The Religion of Charles William Eliot."

For more than 50 years President Eliot was a regular attendant of the First Parish Church which is directly opposite the Johnston Gate and Massachusetts Hall. He was a lifelong and ardent Unitarian, and his son, Rev. S. A. Eliot '84 is President of the American Unitarian Association.