Redhead Beats Tibbetts to Take Third in Fast Baxter Mile--Watters Fails in Half Mile Go

New York, February 23--Miller, the Harvard flash, captured the first event of the New York A. C. games at the Madison Square Garden here tonight, the 60-Yard Special Dash. Miller was first out of his holes and led Bowman of the New York A. C. to the tape in six and two-fifths seconds, one fifth of a second from the world's record. He beat the former Syracuse star by a scant foot. Hussey of Boston College placed third, five yards behind Miller.

In the Baxter Mile, Haggerty surprised the crowd by finishing third ahead of Tibbetts, the Crimson leader who was expected to lead the field. Goodwin of the New York A. C. crossed the line just ahead of Connolly, also of the New York A. C. in four minutes and 18 2-5 seconds. The Crimson miler ran his best race of the season to trail Connolly by only three yards. In the special half mile, Watters finished in last place.

Hoff, the Norwegian star vaulter, raised his world mark from 13 feet four inches to 13 feet five inches in the feature of the evennig.