B.H. Whitebeck, Lisker, Bailey, and Appleton Make Likely Lot

The Freshman tennis season will get under way today when the candidates meet at 5 o'clock in the Freshman Athletic Building. Coach Harry Cowles will speak to the men and outline their work for the coming matches.

If experience is an able forecast for a tennis season, things look especially bright for the Freshman netmen. B.H. Whitebeck Jr., brother of the Captain of the University team, is a promising candidate. He won the Roys' National Indoor Championship in 1923, the Harvard Interscholastics in 1924, and was captain of the Loomis net team for two years H.H. Lisker is another likely racquet-wielder. He captured the Interscholastic Championship of Rhode Island in 1924 and 1925, and was twice captain of the team which won the Gilden Cup in Providence, Robeson Bailey, winner of the Freshman championship in last fall's tournament, will be out for the team together with J.H. Appleton, a member of the 1929 squash team.