Roger Nash Baldwin '05, one of the nation's best known radicals and socialist agitators, lashed intolerance at Harvard and the other universities of the nation in an address delivered before the Liberal Club yesterday afternoon.

"America today", he said, "and especially the American colleges, have more intolerance and intolerable interference than was ever before seen on this continent. Interference by law, by property, and by money is rampant throughout the land.

Deplores Check On Free Speech

"Student discussions and liberal clubs have restrictions thrust upon them. Is not this a land of free speech? Can a man call the stifling of Corliss Lamont's endeavors at the Harvard Union the pursuance of the policy of liberty of speech?

Americans Flayed as Conformists

"This condition is brought about by the struggle between capitalism and radical labor, between fascism and bolshevism. This caused the Russian revolution. In Russia today the bolshevists hold away. In America capital controls our universities.

"Americans are conformists. It is our national taboo. The minority is persecuted on every side and organizations like the Ku Klux Klan are always in our midst to destroy negroes, Catholics and foreigners. Is this a land of liberty?

"Our history and the history of our education is one of interference with the individual man. The Lush laws of New York are examples of this.

"What is the remedy for this? It is to place men at the head of our universities who are strong, who will stand up and protect their men from the criticisms of capital. We want men like President Hopkins of Dartmouth, who told its alumni that he would not care if Nicolai Lenine came to Dartmouth.

"Some day intolerance will be swept aside but not until our teachers unionize, not until they seize the control and the man who teaches us is the master of what he says."