The University and Freshman cross-country teams will meet Holy Cross tomorrow afternoon in the first race of the season. According to Coach Mikkola, the contest will be one of the hardest which the Crimson harriers will face. The Freshmen will run at 3.45 o'clock, and the University team at 4.15 o'clock. The University line-up includes three men from the team which defeated Holy Cross last year. The Crusaders have four men who ran in the Harvard-Holy Cross race last year.

Captain J. L. Reid '29 has been showing fine form in practice this Fall and is expected to lower the race record if the course is not too heavy from the recent rains. Leslie Flaksman '29 and W. E. King '28 are the only other men on the team who ran against Holy Cross last year.

The following men will run for the University: Captain J. L. Reid '29, Leslie Flaksman '29, R. W. Hyde '30, W. E. King '28, G. B. Lee '30, R. G. Luttman '29, G. H. Mitchell '28, A. G. Thacher Jr. '29, F. B. Thurber Jr. '30, J. O. Wildes '29,

Holy Cross has entered the following men: Beane, Brennan, Casson, Fitzpatrick, Gallant, Handlin, Kelly, Murphy, Stepacher, Trainor.

The Freshman team will line up as follows: G. C. Aldrich, Donald Cobb, P. S. Dalton, H. D. Everett Jr., A. L. Hartridge, R. J. Hodges, Beecham Moore, Vernon Munroe Jr., D. A. Wilson.

The Holy Cross first-year runners are: Donaghy, Gatzenmaier, Hegarty, Madden, Maher, and Walton.