Bequeathes $150,000 to Be Held in Trust as Fund for Chair of History--Also Makes Gifts to Library

Bequests totalling over $180,000 have been left to the University by the late Professor A. C. Coolidge '66, according to his will, filed in the Suffolk Probate Court yesterday. Among other institutions benefiting by the $1,300,000 will, are The Massachusetts General Hospital, the Museum of Fine Arts, and Radcliffe College. Private bequests totalled $630,000.

To the University Professor Cooolidge bequeathed $150,000, to be held in trust as a fund under the name of "Coolidge Professorship," the income from which is to be devoted to the establishment and maintenance of a professorship in modern European or Asiatic history in the University. Harvard is to receive also a trust of $30,000, the income to be awarded annually to a student of history in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Subsequent to the bequest of other public and private gifts, the University will receive the residue of the estate, the income of which is to be used for the purchase of books for the Library. The will stipulated, however, that if the remainder exceeds $200,000, only that amount shall be held in trust, and the balance used for administrative purposes of the Widener Library.