A victory and a defeat were the results of the University basketball games yesterday. The University's quintet defeated the Trinity basketball team by a score of 51 to 26 last night in Hemenway Gymnasium in a game that was marked by numerous substitutions and much roughness. Just before this game was played the Freshman team suffered its first defeat of the year when it fell at the small end of a 28 to 19 score in its contest with Cushing Academy in the Freshman Gymnasium.

The Crimson players got under way with an early lead in their game with the Trinity courtmen, when A. C. Slocum '28 and H. T. Wenner '30, forwards for the University, scored three goals from the floor with little difficulty. Never was the Harvard goal seriously threatened by the blue and gold team.

The Freshman quintet played a tie game with the Cushing aggregation up until the end of the third quarter, then the heavy team from Cushing succeeded in scoring four field goals and one goal from a foul and emerged from the game triumphant.

The summary of the University game follows: HARVARD  TRINITY Slocum, Baldwin, r.f.  l.g., Hallstrom Wenner, O'Connell, Ward, l.f.  r.g., Whitaker Green, McCurdy, Filoon, c.  c., Mastronarde, Ebersald Barbee, Harper, J. Stone, l.g.  l.f., Burr, Brown Hatch, Burns, Harper, W., r.g.  r.f., Tante

Score, Harvard 51, Trinity 26. Goals from floor, Slocum 5, Wenner, O'Connell 3, Ward 2, Green 3, Filoon, Barbee 5, Hatch, Burns 2, Tante 3, Burr, Mastronarde 4, Ebersald, Hallstrom. Goals from fouls, Slocum 3, Baldwin, Ward, Green, Barbee, Whitaker, Tante, Mastronarde. Referee, Featherstone. Time of halves, 20 minutes.