Few projects undertaken at Harvard have as much of permanent value as the aspects picture continuity of the various aspects of the college, being made by the University Film Foundation, as described in the news columns of today's CRIMSON. While the interest of the average undergraduate will be confined to the football sequences and watching how well he films while skipping through traffic in Harvard Square, for Alumni who cannot keep in close personal touch with the college it will be of real importance. The Yard with its newer buildings, the Charles lined with dormitories, and many other sights familiar to the student would be strange to many an old grad, and the opportunity this film will give him to remain up to date in his conceptions of Harvard will be much appreciated.

No doubt for the Harvard of fifty years from now the pictures would serve as curiosities. But alike for the student of the future and the vast numbers of people who today can know little of Harvard life as it is going on, the pictures can do more. When popular novels, sports articles and an impression of indifference together fail to satisfy, there is no better way to know the life of a group of an institution than to see where it is lived.