Much comment appears in this paper on the rigidity of cadet discipline and the West Pointer's daily schedule. The daily routine of a cadet follows:

During winter, living in barracks. Reveille at 6 o'clock; march to breakfast at Mess Hall at 6.30 o'clock, and then march back; first class at 8 o'clock; two classes in the morning, one in the afternoon; intramural athletics for every man, everyday, in the middle of the afternoon; then drill and parade, outdoors when the weather is not too severe; supper at 6.30 o'clock; study from 7.15 until 10 o'clock, when taps sounds and lights go out.

During summer, living in camp Reveille at 5.20 o'clock; march to breakfast and back; drills and riding in morning; go mounted to dinner in white uniforms; afternoon spent in recreation; parade at 5 o'clock; after supper a band concert, cadet hop or moving pictures; taps at 10 o'clock.