It is hardly worth the trouble to point out that in the short space of one and a half column inches Time, the weekly news magazine, last week made three errors and a revolting inference. One might as well arise and answer the doorbell every time it rings on Halloween. Boys will be boys, and it is well known that many of the editorial board of the news magazine have but recently given up positions on college funny papers. Still glib and sophomoric, they love a good joke even more than most people. In fact they have attracted a circulation of some two hundred thousand through an earnest development of the anything-for-a-joke policy. Successful, they are now read not so much for what they say but for the "nasty way they say it."

Serious minded people might dig up several quotations like the well-known one of Professor Marquand to the effect that the Harvard Stadium is architecture, that of his own university, very satisfactory engineering. Scientists might be called in to measure the wear and tear of the last twenty-five years with delicate instruments in order to ascertain the extent of the Stadium's dilapidation. Some pained group of alumni might even ask for a retraction. But undergraduates with their happy indifference will do better to take Time for the rusty little organ it is and discard its serious avowals of truth for truth's sake as but another symptom of their wondrous merry mood.