The profane discords emanating from the sanctum of the "oldest college daily" came at a particularly unfortunate time. On the day before Yale sends an army into the field to debate the qualifications of the two major presidential candidates, treason is found at the very heart of the home garrison. Even the modest veiling with a dash is insufficient to conceal the glaring weakness of undergraduate support tendered the Yale men on the eve of battle. Those who know the real story behind the debaters appearances tonight, will have trouble in back the emotion sure to be evoked by this latest "Laugh Clown" drama. The home fires are burning vigorously enough but with the unwholesome green flame of dissension.

Non-partisanship of undergraduate newspapers reaches its climax in this double headed disavowal of campaign enthusiasm. Even the Democratic party of yore would find it hard to sanction such a magnificent conception of neutrality and the "kept us out of war" policy. Here at Harvard where the dry rot of indifference has left untouched a flourishing forest of undergraduate political interest, such an outburst of nalvole would have been the signal for indignant letters in numbers such as to clog the columns of the CRIMSON from now until election day. Admiration is due the courageous decision of the Yale debating team to keep desperately on without betraying a sign of the fox gnawing at its vitals.