The following article defining the work of the Foreign Student Committee of the Phillips Brooks House, was written for the Crimson by C. M. Underhill '30, secretary.

More than three hundred students from other countries are at present enrolled in the University, a body whose growth began to take great advances upon the conclusion of the World war. The proportion of foreign students is still steadily increasing, and will apparently become a factor not to be overlooked in the University life. Among these men, approximately sixty foreign nations, protectorates and colonial possessions are represented, the greatest national elements being those of China, Japan, and England. The majority of foreign students having already received their degrees at some European or Occidental University, are enrolled in the graduate schools. The Germann, Japanese, and Chinese show a preference for the business school, while the greater part of the Europeans tend to the arts or the sciences. Still another group are merely temporarily at the University for a few months for purposes of research, or special study in some special field.

Cosmopolitan Club First Founded

In response to a desire for some sort of international society manifested several years ago, there was founded a Cosmopolitan Club. This organization met in the phillips Brooks House at various times for the purposes of discussion upon subjects of international interest. Another organization, the International Club, died early in its infancy for lack of sufficient interest.

From these ashes, there sprang into existence in the fall of 1927, the present International Council, composed of delegates from each country represented in the University. This meets regularly on the second Wednesday of each month to debate problems of international consideration. The formal discussion is limited to one hour, at the close of which a general reception is held for all guests. All Americans and Nationals are welcome to the monthly Council meetings as guests of the Council, an effort being made to secure a medium of acquaintanceship between the foreign students and local University members.

The foreign delegates will convene in the first meeting of the year Wednesday, November 7, in the Phillips Brooks House, at 7.15 o'clock.