Horween Drills Reserve Team Against Pennsylvanians' Huddle--Mason is Out Until Holy Cross Contest

That team B will take the field against Lehigh Saturday now seems to be a near certainty, though Coach Horween refused to put the official sanction on the report yesterday afternoon.

The general feeling seems to be that the regulars will benefit by an extended lay off after their strenuous games of the last two week-ends and before entering the final drive of the season. With this in mind the coaches have seized the opportunity to develop the reserve material which seems at present to be in need of experience and seasoning. Remembering the old axiom that a fort is as strong as its weakest point, the work of the substitutes against the Pennsylvanians will be watched with great interest.

Practice Against Huddle

What is taken as convincing evidence that the second eleven will start the contest is the fact that they were drilled yesterday against an attack which uses the buddle as Lehigh does. The scrubs were putting on all sorts of balanced and unbalanced formations which are associated with the huddle system in a defensive dummy scrimmage which formed the main part of the workout.

Besides this drill a portion of the session was devoted to skeleton drill on long forward passes. A backfield composed of E. T. Putnam '30, S. I. Batchelder '31, T. W. Gilligan '31, and David Guarnaccia '29 with S. C. Burns '29 and F. A. Pickard '29 at ends lossed long passes with another backfield as opposition. Guarnaccia did most of the heaving and showed a noticeable improvement in the matter of accuracy over his earlier work.

Mason Out Two Weeks

The injury list remains practically unchanged except for the announcement that T. F. Mason '30 will not be ready until the Holy Cross encounter. Otherwise all the promising men will be available for duty against Pennsylvania a week from Saturday.

The lineup, rated as Team B yesterday, which will probably answer the starting whistle Saturday follows: John Prior '29, le. J. W. Potter '30, l.t.; J. S. Cunningham '29, l.g.; T. H. Alcock '29, r.t.; S. C. Burns '29, r.e.; George Crawford ocC, q.b.; T. W. Gilligan '31, l.h.b.; S. L. Batchelder '31, r.h.b.; A. W. Huguley '31, G. L. Graves '31, f.b.