The Student Vagabond

For sheer romancing and the weaving of tales that appeal to everyone who of tales that appeal to everyone who wishes this life were more adventurous than it is, Sir Walter Scott ranks high among English authors. His admirers will find his characters even more daring and his settings more romantic after atending the lecture to be given this after noon on "The Scotland of Sir Walter Scott" by Professor Hersey. It is at 2 o'clock in Emerson J and will be illustrated.

The other choices for today and tomorrow are:


9 o'clock

"Fascist Philosophy of the State", Professor Elliott, Sever 5.

"Henri Bergson", Professor Morize, Harvard 0.

10 o'clock

"Elizabethan Poetry", Professor Sisson, Sever 11.

"The American Revolution and the Declaration of Independence", Professor Perry, Emerson A.

"The Purchase of Florida", Professor Baxter, Harvard 3.

11 o'clock

"Compulsory Arbitration", Professor Persons, Sever 18.


9 o'clock

"Public and Private Morality", Professor Cabot, Emerson J.