This article, contributed to this issue of the Crimson by D. T. W. McCord '21, explains the function and purpose of the Harvard Fund Council. McCord is the Council's executive secretary.

This autumn the Harvard Fund begins its fourth year of activity, and in view of its annually increasing importance to the College and the Graduate Schools, it is perhaps advisable to explain for the benefit of those members of the University who know nothing about it something of its origin and purpose. The Fund was founded late in 1925 by a group of Alumni who felt that the graduate body should have an organization through which a man might contribute each year to the University a small or large amount of money, according to his individual means, entirely for unrestricted use. An Alumni board known as the Harvard Fund Council, consisting of 30 members each to serve six years, was formed to administer the Fund. From 1925 to Commencement, 1928, Mr. Howard Elliott, '81, of New York was president of the Council. His death last July robbed the Fund of one of its most ardent and untiring supporters. Mr. Albert T. Perkins, '87, of St. ing dormitory touch football leagues, in which games will be played every day at 3.15 o'clock for the next three or four weeks, depending on the weather.

Regular dormitory football will close on Friday, a week before the Freshman Yale Game.

All Freshman sports must be attended at least three times a week to secure the necessary credit throughout the year

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