Dinner at Union Will be Given to Members of Team

The winter season of the University fencing team will open formally when former and present members of Harvard fencing teams assemble at a dinner at the Union on Tuesday evening at 6.30 o'clock.

Among those present will be Coach Danguy, Captain C. B. H. Hollister '29, E. H. Lane '24, and A. C. Lane '26. The Lane brothers were formerly intercollegiate fencing champions of America.

Among the most promising swordsmen who have been practicing this fall are: M. U. Copland '29, R. W. Erich '30, Hollister, D. I. Modell '30, F. K. Smith '30, W. B. Speare '31, and G. H. Umbsen '30.

There are 56 men now on the Freshman squad. When they have learned the fundamentals of the sport, they will all engage in a tournament. The winner and runners up will probably comprise the 1932 fencing team.