Protests as to the action of city officials in closing "Fiesta" the Harvard Dramatic Club's play, were voiced by Miss Gloria Braggiotti, C. C. Leatherbee '29, and others of the players yesterday.

In an interview with a CRIMSON reporter, Miss Braggiotti, feature dancer of the show, summed up the attitude of the cast: "I think 'Fiesta' is perfectly all right. It is Mexico. It is the people as they are. Why should nature be changed to suit those bigots whose minds misinterpret natural actions and truthful portraiture as attempts at immorality and the risque?"

In excerpts from a public statement, Leatherbee said in behalf of the Club as a whole, "We feel that it would have been fair and kind to the ladies of the cast, to say the least, if the mayor, before taking such drastic action, had at least communicated with our counsel and given us an opportunity to see what we could do by voluntary action to avoid the catastrophe."