It is with something of a paternal pride that the Student Vagabond welcomes to the scholastic jungle, which now includes various and widely separated educational centres of the country, offspring which bear at least a family resemblance to the denizen of Sever and Harvard; and just at this time particularly, when he is girding up his loins and preparing to take to the road again, the news that the institution of vagabonding has become contagions, and is gaining a foothold both at Smith College and the University of Oregon, comes as a gratification and an encouragement.

The Smith College Weekly in a recent editorial stated that "After the mid-year examinations the Weekly will endeavor to print in its columns every week the subjects, hours, and class rooms of lectures that it believes will be of most general interest to the Collegt," and appended a petition, signed by the three upper classes, to facilitate vagabonding. The Oregon Emerald has already instituted a column headed "The Vagabond."

Thus with the imminent opening of the second term, the Student Vagabond, no longer alone in the academic field, offers his regards to his associates, and to himself the pardonable satisfaction that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; and has every confidence that they will find their journeys pleasant.