Another Harvard Team to Face Up-State Speakers--Members Will Be Picked Today

F. W. P. Lorenzen '28 and J. M. Swigert '30 were chosen yesterday afternoon by E. M. Rowe 1L., coach of the University debating team, to debate the University of Pennsylvania at Philadelphia this evening on the question, "Resolved, That the jury system should be abolished." Besides the debating team and Coach Rowe, A. F. Reel '28 and D. E. Scoll '28, president and treasurer of the Debating Council, also left the South Station last night to make the trip. This debate marks the dedication of a new auditorium at Philadelphia.

The men who represent Harvard have been selected after a series of conferences lasting ten days, and the work in these groups has been almost entirely the basis of selection. Preliminary tryouts were held previous to the conference groups as elimination contests, and the squad was cut to 12 men. C. C. Alpern '28, J. K. Fairbank '29, J. H. Harding '30, and A. L. Raffa ocC., besides Lorenzen and Swigert, also prepared the case for the negative and were named as alternates.

Ayes Debate Williams

The affirmative side of the University debating team will meet the speakers on the negative side from Williams College tomorrow afternoon in Paine Hall. Tomorrow morning the names of the speakers to represent Harvard in this contest will be announced. The University teams have now won both debates in the first series of the Eastern Intercollegiate Debating League.

The debating schedule this year is more inclusive than ever before. For the first time the University team will face the University of Porto Rico and the University of the Philippines. There will also be a debate with Northwestern, while several other debates are pending. The climax of the season will come with the Triangular Meet, when Yale debates at Cambridge and Harvard meets Princeton at Princeton.