University Tennis Coach Discusses Personnel of Next U. S. Davis Cup Team--Is Pessimistic About Chances of Victory

Coach H. L. Cowles of the University tennis team expressed himself as disinclined to favor the chances of the United Sates Davis Cup team in the annual Davis Cup contest this summer, when approached on the subject by a CRIMSON reporter yesterday afternoon.

Tilden, Hunter, Lott, and Chandler, will make up this country's Davis Cup team, Coach Cowles believes. Tilden and Hunter would play in the doubles together, and Lott would aid Tilden in the singles. Chandler is the problem in the make-up of this year's team, but, if he can return to the form he displayed two years ago. Coach Cowles thinks that he will have no trouble in making the team. When questioned as to the chances of Hennessey, Van Ryan, Jones and Doeg, Coach Cowles shook his head, and said that all played a good game, but that they would not be good enough in international competition.

Coach Cowles was quite positive in stating that the Davis Cup would remain in France. He was equally certain, however, that Australia and Japan, major obstacles in the recovery of the Davis Cup, would offer no real opposition to any American team that might be selected, but that the United States "wouldn't have a prayer" in the finals against France.

Coach Cowles went on to say that it was too early yet to make any predictions as to the outcome of the Davis Cup contest, and that anything might happen between now and midsummer to change the complexion of the whole affair. He mentioned the fact that Cochet, second ranking French player, played a far better game on foreign courts than on those in his own country, and that George Lott is a much better player on hard courts, being in his opinion the premier hard court player in this country. As the final of the Davis Cup contest will be played on hard courts and as Lott is just now playing the best game of his career, this one fact may have a great deal to do with the outcome.