Former Federal Trade Commission Secretary Deals With "Monopoly"--Will Talk at Meeting Monday

Houston Thompson, former secretary of the Federal Trade Commission will be the central figure in the Democratic Club meeting to be held in the Living Room of the Union Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock. Mr. Thompson will speak on "Monopoly and Its Relation to the Present Campaign."

The meeting will be the second of a series to be held to determine "What Should Progressives Advocate in both Platforms in the Coming Campaign?" The question is asked, and will be answered by the Democratic Club, which is planning to draw up a platform for use in the coming mock convention to be held the first week in May.

Mr. Thompson will take up the trust question in relation to big business in order to aid in the formulation of the trust plank in the domestic platform of the club. He was prominent in the administration of President Wilson, and has been mentioned by a number of leading Democrats as a possible dark horse candidate for the next Presidency.