The new field of concentration in Sociology and Social Ethics which this year supercedes concentration in Social Ethics alone, provides among a diversity of courses in several departments, a new unity and directness which its more limited predecessor did not have. From a department which was distinguished by its picaresque field trips and a general lack of seriousness among its students has been created a field analogous to that of History and Literature, permitting a ramification among all allied subjects, but with application under the guidance of a tutor that should bring substantial result.

To the class of 1931, Professor Perry outlines an opportunity for serious study of contemporary civilization in the light of a scientific rationality, a method originating with Rousseau and now applied by Dr. Meiklejohn in his experimental college at Wisconsin. And the danger that such broadness should prove superficial or produce a vaguely theoretic sentimentality should be effectively removed by the requirement of a thesis and individual research in a chosen aspect of the work. The Field of Sociology and Social Ethics, thus reorganized and widened, is a welcome and worthy mate of the present fields, and takes its legitimate place as a subject for the consideration of the Freshman class.