The Student Vagabond

Being one of God's intellectual grandchildren is no easy task, as the Student Vagabond, bowed and bent with impending Divisionals, has disgustedly observed. Notwithstanding the generally accredited levity of mind common to the season, the ponderousness of intellectual activity in the last few weeks has had a profound effect upon the Vagabond's already apparent bewilderment.

It therefore appeases his soul and enlivens his sad spirit not a little when he considers the prospect of being soothed by Arthur Honegger's symphonic psalm "King David" which the Glee Club is singing in Symphony Hall tomorrow afternoon at 3.30 o'clock.

Lectures of interest to be given today and Monday are as follows:


10 O'clock

"Nineteenth Century American Writers of the South and West Bret Harte", Professor Murdock, Harvard 1.

"Russia's Pre-War Diplomacy," Professor Karpovich, Sever 21.

"Intuitionism and Instrumentalism", Professor Perry, Emerson A.

11 O'clock

"Kleist and Hebbel", Professor Burkhard, Germanic Museum.


9 O'clock

"The Federal Income Tax", Professor Burbank, Harvard 6.

10 O'clock

"Roosevelt and Morocco", Professor Baxter, Harvard 2.

12 O'clock

"Brahms", Professor Hill, Music Building.

"Sophocles, the Man and the Artist", Professor Gulick, Sever 6.