Athletic Mogul Says Arrangements Completed

William J. Bingham, Director of the Harvard Athletic Association announced yesterday that at a solemn conclave of his fellow moguls representing the Eastern Colleges all arrangements were completed for the Harvard-Yale football game to take place on Saturday, November 10, 1928.

"It went deep into the coffers of the H. A. A. and much money changed hands, but we are now able to state definitely that the score this year will be Yale 14, Harvard 0."

Mr. Bingham said that he was encouraged throughout the meeting by the feeling that Harvard undergraduate body with its deep interest in football was behind him anti exclusive of the alumni and their friends would probably make up a tenth of the spectators in the stadium. Both myself and the secretary of the Alumni Association feel that if the undergraduates can get any fun out of watching football games they should be accommodated in so far as they do not conflict with our other plans," he