Announcement of the completion of 15 months of research work in Africa by R. L. Buell, formerly an assistant professor of Government at Harvard, was made yesterday by Professor G. G. Wilson of the Bureau of International Research.

Mr. Buell has published a book entitled "The Native Problem in Africa" in two volumes and 2146 pages to include the results of his study in that continent. It is the most comprehensive work of its kind ever compiled about Africa and is designed to elucidate problems of representatives of European governments in contact with the negro population.

According to Professor Wilson's statement, the book reveals the ratio of blacks and whites in Africa as four to one and demonstrates the possibility of future conflicts between the races as the pressure of European immigration increases. All available official documents in South Africa, the Belgian Congo, Nigeria, and the Gold Coast have been studied by Mr. Buell in the course of his investigation.

He asserts in the report of his research that "Africa is the one continent of the world where the application of intelligence, knowledge and good will, it is not yet too late to adopt policies which will prevent the development of the acute racial difficulties which have elsewhere arisen, and the evils of which have been recognized only after they have come into existence."

He goes on to say that the purpose of his research is to outline the crises that have arisen as the result of the impact of an industrial civilization upon a primitive people."