Daily Average This Spring Has Been Approximately 2300--Average Last Year Was 1650

A comparison of the daily average number of students using Widener Library during the past Reading Period with the number that used the library over the same period last year reveals an increase of approximately 650 men.

Any figures dealing with the number of undergraduates using the library must of necessity lack complete accuracy, since no record is kept of the use of the Lower Reading Room. The very marked increase in the number of men using the Upper Reading Foom and the Call Desk, however, indicates that a proportionate increase has probably taken place in the Lower Reading Room.

Last year the average number of students who used the library, not including the Lower Reading Room, was approximately 1650 for a period covering the last weeks of April and the early weeks of May.

This year, the average over a similar period reached approximately 2300, or 650 above last year's mark.

Last spring, during the three weeks now covered by the Reading Period, the high and low marks in the daily attendance, were 2100 and 1473, respectively, as compared with this year's high and low marks of 2545 and 2031.