To be a true member of an institution-whether it be the family, church, state, party, or college-one must know its origin, history, traditions, and aims. With the growth of Harvard College, a large number of students whose fathers are not Harvard men, and the passing on of older generations, an increasing need has been felt for some effective way of making the history and traditions of the College better known to the incoming students. This need has been met for the first time this year by the apearance of a small booklet on "The History and Traditions of Harvard College" edited by two members of the Crimson staff, Alan R. Swcezy '29 and Richard A. Stout '29, and published by the Crimson. Especial attention is called to the article by Professor Samuel E. Morison '08 on "The History of Harvard College"


A copy of the "Traditions" booklet has been placed in the registration envelope of every Freshman. It is our sincere hope that the booklet will not be cast aside as just another piece of campaign literature with which the Freshman is flooded, but that it will be read carefully during the next few days before the rush of College begins and then be preserved for future use.