Green Freshmen Get First Experience in Leviathan

The fleet of 18 shells which has been practicing on the Charles River for the past two days will soon be augmented by a number of boats manned by Freshmen having their first crew experience this fall. The Leviathan has been taking several trips each afternoon under the direction of Coach H. H. Haines and the green oarsmen will be shipped in shells as soon as they have mastered the fundamentals.

There are eight class crews working out, four under the direction of Coach Haines and four under the guidance of Coach E. J. Brown '96. These crews are made up of all the heavy oarsmen who will be candidates for the University crew in the spring. There are also six lightweight eights being tutored by F. R. Sullivan '27.

At present the crews are engaging in short light workouts with individual instruction as the main feature of the practice.