Last Saturday-proved a classic example of the desire on the part of small college athletic directors to reline the athletic pocket. There were numerous small college teams which came down from the hills, engaged an equal number of big college teams, and returned with little except a considerably enlarged bank balance. The best that they could have hoped for was that rather unsatisfactory conclusion, the "moral victory". A brief perusal of the scores in the Sunday papers shows that few of them even achieved such heights as that.

The day was not lost, however. The money that an early season football crowed will pay to see a good small college team utterly routed by a team far out of its class, will tide over many an evil day later in the athletic season. It may be sacrificing eleven good men and true on the altar of Mammon, but next year the same crowds will watch the same little teams mauled by the same big teams, all for the glory of the Alma Mater and the rightful share of the gate receipts.