Reorganized Backfield Makes Debut This Afternoon--Climate May Harm Southern Players

The veil of gloom which has hovered over the Harvard football camp during the past week seems to have been dissipated. With practically its full strength available for this afternoon game, the Crimson eleven will face the Florida team at 2 o'clock.

It is no secret, however, that today clash will decide Harvard's future. The Army tie followed by Dartmouth crushing win left the University players on the brink of demoralization and only victory over Florida will restore the confidence necessary carry on against Michigan, Holy Cross and Yale. Victory for the southern invaders, on the other hand, coming at a time when the outlook is more optimistic would raise havoc. There is feeling around Soldiers Field that the poor showing on the last two Saturday was caused by the absence of Harper from the lineup. This afternoon's game will find the crack Crimson fullback harness and Harvard followers feel the he will supply the spark necessary make the team go.

Wood will direct the eleven in this, the first of two intersectional games on the University schedule. With him in the backfield will be a reorganized trio of ball carriers, Putnam and Devens halfbacks, and Harper, fullback. This new quartet should give Harvard a sustained attack for the crucial test. Wood is a capable field general, a fine kicker and passer, and a good interferer. Putnam will make his debut as a running halfback and should prove a valuable triple threat with his running, passing, and kicking ability. The Dartmouth game revealed Devens' real power. Harper's defensive work back of the line will be invaluable, while his line bucking may be relied on for a sure gain.

No matter how strong this backfield may appear on paper, little may be expected from it if the line does not show to better advantage than it did against the Army and Dartmouth. The line makes the backfield, as the Green forwards proved so conclusively last Saturday. Kuehn has won the race for the right tackle berth and the 190-pound Sophomore will be starting his first game for the Crimson.

The Alligators are rated as one of the strongest teams south of the Mason and Dixon line. The long trek north, however, may work a bad effect on its touted Notre Dame offensive. The Peninsula State players are used to performing in clear, warm weather and the raw New England climate, coupled with the train trip, may not be to their liking.

Coach Bachman's squad held a brief workout in the Stadium yesterday afternoon while the University team was given a day of rest. All the Florida players, with the exception of Goodbread, halfback, are ready for action. Goodbread is suffering from a leg injury which may keep the 190-pound sprint star on the side-lines. Should he be unable to play, Dorsett, known as "Million Dollar Monk", will take his place