The first concert in a series of expositions of chamber music presented every year by Arthur Whiting will be given tonight at 8.15 o'clock in Paine Hall. This program, which offers members of the University an opportunity to hear a form of music which is rarely played in this day and time, is performed by a group of skilled musicians under Mr. Whiting's direction.

Outside of the occasional concerts given in Boston and Cambridge by the various string quartets which tour the United States, students in the University seldom have the opportunity to hear the works of composers which many regard as the highest developments of musical composition...One quartet has played in Cambridge thus far this year, the Stradivarius group, which plans to give several more programs during the term.

Mr. Whiting, at the harpsichord, will be assisted by George Barrere, flute; Mariana Lowell, violin; and Genevieve Hughel, violoncello. They will be heard in the following program of seventeenth and eighteenth century music: 1. Golden Sonata, F major  Purcell Flute, Violin, Violoncello, and Harpsichord 2. Prelude and Invention, C major  Bach Polonaise, G minor  Bach Air and Variations, E major  Handel Alla Turca Harpsichord  Mozart 3. Airs and Dances Flute  Gluck 4. Sonata, G major Violoncello  Locatelli 5. Concerts Royaux  Couperin and Rameau and Harpsi- Flute, Violin, Violoncello, chord

The concert will be open to members of the University without charge; the public may purchase tickets for the entire course for $5 each; single tickets, $1.25 each. Tickets are on sale at Amee Brothers' Bookstore, 21 Brattle Street.