The Student Vagabond

Nearly everyone can account for the sentimental ones to his own satisfaction, but the comic offerings will cause much scanning of postmarks. Even so, the most popular of the Vagabond's followers should have sorted and filed his Valentines before the morning is quite gone, and when he has he will find that the day is a festive occasion in the field of lectures as well.

President Lowell will speak at 2 o'clock in Harvard 6 on the subject "Facts and Dogmas of Democracy," and the Vagabond hardly needs say that anyone missing such an opportunity no longer deserves the privilege of wearing the vagabonder's insignia--curiosity rampart on a background of roller-skates.

At 4 o'clock Dr. H. O. Taylor will give the second of his two lectures, the subject of which will be "Fact in Art and Science". It will be given in Emerson D.

Archaeology comes in for its share of attention at 4.30 o'clock when Professor Conant speaks on "Recent Excavations and Research at the Monastery of Cluny" in the large lecture room of Fogg Museum. Finally, at 8 o'clock tonight, Professor Albert Brachet will discuss "La Situation Actuelle de l'Europe et le Progress Scientifique". This will take place in Phillips Brooks House.

The other lectures recommended for today and tomorrow are:


9 o'clock

"Organization of the Cell", Professor Wetmore, Nash Lecture Room.

"James I and the Courts of Common Law", Professor Whitney, Harvard 6.

10 o'clock

"Great Britain and the Confederate Navy", Professor Baxter, Harvard 2.

"Alexander Pope", Professor Greenough, Sever 11.

"Paganism and Christianity", Professor Perry, Emerson A.

"Britain and the European Alliance", Professor Webster, Emerson H.

11 o'clock

"Balzac", Professor Campbell, Sever 5.

"Civil Liberties and Property Rights", Professor Elliott, Harvard 2.

"Luther; Von der Freihut", Professor Howard, Sever 6.

"Vanbrugh", Professor Murray, Harvard 3.

"The Oldest Known Fauna", Professor Raymond, Geology Museum 12.

12 o'clock

"National Self-Determination", Dr. Royse, Harvard 3.


9 o'clock

"Greek Vases; the Geometric Style", Professor Chase, Fogg Museum.

10 o'clock

"The Republic of Brazil", Professor Haring, Harvard 3.

"Carlyle's Biographical Essays", Professor Perry, Sever 11.

11 o'clock

"The Aztees" (continued) Professor Dixon, Peabody Museum.

"Aeschylus", (continued) Professor Jackson, Sever 26.

"Mid-century, America", Professor Schlesinger, New Lecture Hall.

12 o'clock

"The Jeans-Jeffries Theory of Earth Origin", Professor Mather, Geology Lecture Room.

"George Chapman", Professor Murray, Harvard 3.

"W. M. Tweed; the Boss in Politics" (continued) Mr. Pigors, Emerson N.

"Rortuguese Exploration: 1460-1498", Professor Usher, Widener U.

2 o'clock

"Food and its Utilization", Professor Allen, Zoology Laboratory 46.

"Dr. Johnson", Professor Greenough, Sever 11.

"Aeneas and Dido", Mr. Peterkin, Sever 14.