Distinguished Yachtsman Was Skipper of Victorious Resolute--Advocate of House Plan in 1906

Charles Francis Adams '88, distinguished yachtsman and treasurer of Harvard University, will be the next secretary of the navy, it was announced yesterday in official Washington.

When asked by a CRIMSON reporter to comment on the news that he had received a cabinet appointment, Mr. Adams replied, "I have nothing to say," and declined either to deny or confirm the report. In accordance with his usual policy, Mr. Hoover also refused to make any statement concerning the appointment, although an announcement was made by Washington authorities.

Mr. Adams is a descendant of one of the oldest sea-faring families of America and numbers two presidents among his ancestors. He was born in 1866 in Quincy and graduated from Harvard in 1888 as president of his class. Since then he has achieved distinction in many walks of life. Long an authority on yachting, he won fame as skipper of the Resolute in 1920 in the race against Sir Thomas Lipton's Shamrock IV. He has been conspicuous as well in the business world, and is at present trustee or director of more than 50 different corporations. It is believed that he was the first to suggest anything similar to the present House Plan, of which he is a warm supporter, when he spoke at Columbia University in 1906.

His father, John Quincy Adams '53, of Boston was offered the position, which he refused because of failing health, of secretary of the navy in President Cleveland's cabinet.

News of Mr. Adams's appointment was received with widespread approval in naval circles and elsewhere, for it is felt that an experienced man is much needed to improve the morale of the navy.