Dope Sheet Omits Possible Crimson "Dark Horses"--Victory is Within Reach of University Team

Any Harvard students who are the least bit uncertain as to what to do on Saturday night are hereby advised to put in an appearance at the Boston Garden for the eleventh of a series of indoor triangular college meets. Dartmouth and Cornell are sending strong teams to combat Harvard, but from information that has come to me I am willing to predict that it will take some remarkable performances to beat the Crimson.

Unfortunately for the purposes of this article, I am not at liberty to divulge the plans which Eddie Farrell has up his sleeve, but if they work out as well as time-trials indicate, some of the races will provide eye-openers. Certain events that are conceded to the Green and Cornelian may be captured by Harvard and it is quite within the reach of the Harvard team to clinch the meet for the fifth successive year by 9.10 o'clock on Saturday night--one full hour before the varsity relay is scheduled.

Here is a forecast that is based on the best available information from the rival camps, aside from a couple of surprise packages that Harvard does not expect to open until Saturday night:

40 yards Watkins, H; Mason or French, H; Eckert, C.

300 yards--Tupper, H; Pratt, D; Hennessey, H and Alcorn, D.

600 yards--Swope, D; Cummings, H; Ripley, D.

1000 yards--Andrews, D; Vinton, H; Dulaff, C.

Mile, Reid, H; Benson, C; Wildes, H.

Two miles--Lovering, C; Reid, H; Beaman, C.

High hurdles--Alcorn, D; Wells, C; Mardulier, H.

High jump--Maynard, D; Minehan or Klump, D; Wickham, C.

Broad jump--Canby, D; French, H; Donner, D.

Pole vault--Colyer, C; Noyes, D; Dunlap, H.

Shot put--Levy, C; Anderson, C; Guarnaccia, H.

35-pound weight--Worden, C; Alcock, H; Weis, C.