Commence Annual Overhauling at Once in Anticipation of Early Flights--To Compete for New Prize Offered

With a meeting today of the Harvard Flying Club and with work commencing on the annual overhauling of the club plane immediately, the flying season will be resumed for the spring months, according to an announcement made last night by R. B. Bell '30, president of the organization. The task of reconditioning the club Travel-air, which has been in the Gordon McKay Laboratory since flying ceased last fall, will take about one month. All the work will be done by the members of the club and the plane is expected to be ready for service by March 1.

Offer Complete Instruction

Plans for the season, which were outlined by Bell, reveal that a change will probably be made in the methods of instruction. Heretofore the club plane has been used for all instruction except, for landing, but this feature is hoped to be included in the regular course this year, thereby saving the organization almost $150 for the training course. Further details of this new departure will be announced after the annual meeting and elections, which are scheduled for the beginning of March. A competition conducted under the usual system will also start at that time. Although it is intended to give the plane a thorough examination and cleaning, the club officers believe that it will be ready for a trial flight from the East Boston Airport sometime in the first week in March.

Loening Sponsors New Contest

Bell stated last night that Grover Loening, designer and builder of amphibian planes, who last year sponsored an intercollegiate altitude contest which was cancelled because of lack of competitors, is now working on plans for a new contest. Although no details will be announced for several months, it is understood that the new competition will take the form of a contest covering a year of flight in which the best records and development during that period will determine the winner. Last year Mr. Loening offered several substantial cash prizes for the winning airmen and it is believed that he will make the same arrangement in the forthcoming year.